[700 €] Best alternative between Oppo and others (Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.)

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I would like to buy an Android smartphone with more or less the following features

– Price: about 600-700 euros, not more than 730 €
– Battery: very good battery, it’s more important for me than other features for example camera or video quality, etc.
– Robust and reliable, if possible not too much fragile and with no known sofware issues or conflicts and similar
– Size: preferably not too large and clumsy, anyway let’s see…
– Compatibility: I have right now an IPhone 6s but anyway I should not have big issues in the change. I don’t use the Mac as a laptop. I have an Ipad I don’t use so much. LG smart TV and I am about to buy Google home and Chromecast

I have been suggested to get an Oppo Reno both because of the good battery (than than Samsung for him) and of the strange “shark fin” type camera for selfies which I Iike
Is that a good choice? Should I get another brand/model like Samsung, One Plus, Huawei; Xiaomi?


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