Acer 14 for $59 at Walmart

Acer Chromebooks

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Why is that?

It’s a third-party tool that makes no guarantees about product availability – which is why I mention use it as a starting point.…What-can-I-do-

If you show a salesperson a Brickseek link, there’s nothing they could do about the information displayed by Brickseek and resolving your item issue – and I’ve heard of stories where the salesperson becomes less helpful. You can’t price-match with Brickseek so if you find this Chromebook at for regular price at any retailer, you won’t be able to get it for the location-specific clearance price. And even it shows the $59 price for that particular Walmart and you find it at that Walmart but it rings up regular price, you won’t be getting it for $59.


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