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I decided I want to be able to use my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2) as a mini-laptop for when I don’t want to use my significantly heavier gaming laptop. It has some advantages, like that I can put it and its bluetooth keyboard in my jacket pocket, so I can just have it with me. Since my tablet does not support DeX, I had to go with an alternative.

I installed Sentio, which appears to work decently for my needs. I can right click on anything within Sentio, resize windows, etc. Unfortunately, the Sentio Apps don’t work with my tablet (at least, the ones on the Google Play store).

Also unfortunately, most of my apps lack proper mouse support, even if my “desktop” does. My tablet keyboard has a touchpad on it, but using it is such a hassle because the apps don’t use the right interface. Almost all of my apps interpret a click and drag as a “move” and a right click as a “back.” While I can understand needing to double click and drag thing, the right click drives me crazy.

I just need a web browser and a office suite that allow for standard mouse support.

I have tried Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Neither of them allow me to select text when I click and drag with the mouse and they both close the document when I right click. Is there an office suite that behaves properly with a mouse?

I have tried Firefox, Chrome, and Opera in both desktop mode and not in desktop mode. Right click made me leave the web page I was on. This makes using Overleaf for LaTeX editing almost impossible if I have to rearrange anything. Is there a web browser that behaves properly with a mouse?

Alternatively, as Sentio is supposed to be a desktop UI, is there a way to install the Sentio apps on my Android version 7.0?


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