Anyone else holding out for a dual sim model?

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra

Sucks that I’m missing out on all kinds of promos and offers right now for pre-ordering just because I need a dual sim model. I even miss out on an additional 10% off on top of the pre-order offers that I would get through work. 10% isn’t much but on the price of a $1899+tax Ultra that 10% helps.

Sadly I require a dual sim model for personal and work purposes. I flat out refuse to be one of those people that have to carry around to 2 phones all day, everyday.

Last few years I went through a local smartphone store (Swiftronics) that carries all international models and their dual sim counterparts. Typically they even sell the dual sim models quite often before the standard ones hit shelves. And you can get access to color options not available in North America. But, you do pay a premium for the dual sim unfortunately. I expect a dual sim Ultra to run us here in Canada over $2000 before taxes. Ouch.

Anyway, if anyone comes across any news or online retailers selling the dual sim models please share!


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