AT&T really wants me to stay with apple… lol ugh!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ (2019)

Ok so my girlfriend and I wanted to trade our 11 pro’s back in to at&t and get the Note’s, well this has been a horrible experience so far and I’m still not in a Note. Quick back story, I have 4 lines on my account, My girlfriend, mom, dad and me; I pay for all of them. So I went and upgraded my parents lines from iPhone 7’s to the new 11 pro’s, gave my parents mine and my girlfriends XS’s and went on from there with no issues… Well on Sunday my girlfriend and I decided we would pay the 50% needed to upgrade the Pro’s and get the Notes. So went into an AT&T authorized retailer and paid the money to get to 50%, well went to do the upgrade and they said the serial number didn’t match ( I am upgrading the lines that we upgraded the Pro’s on) the rep typed in the correct serial numbers and then told us to come back in 24 hours. Well over 24 hours later, went back to the AT&T store and still not working. We called the help support and after 2 hours on the phone (still standing in the store) they are now trying to refund my money I spent to upgrade and reset the account back. Well in doing that they ended up making my account negative the amount I paid to upgrade ugh! All in all at the end of the conversation they said give it till friday and the account should go back to owing $0 since my bill was up to date, my credit card should be refund the upgrade amount and the upgrade lines should be restored back…. Then they said after all that goes back we can try the upgrade again…. I’m like maybe maybe not now lol.

Today 11:42 AM


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