Did I damage my camera unit?

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So I own a xiaomi redmi note 5 pro (codename whyred) and been using for about almost 2 years now, and I always used to clean my camera lens in the back with whatever cloth i find before taking pictures until it was scratched a good number of times. images used to be fine in normal lighting, but in low light, there used to be HUGE lines from the light sources because of the scratches in the lens. So i just removed the back camera lens (kinda had to put pressure, and the glass shattered but i managed to pull off every bit of the glass. Although I thought this would bring an improvement in image quality, the images i take now are TERRIBLE, they’re all washed out terribly and stuff like dynamic range is really low. It lowkey looks like images taken from a 5 year old phone with washed out details.

My question is, did I damage the camera unit like the actual glass on the camera unit? Or can it be fixed with putting back the glass above it?


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