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First off, I am not a tech person, anything but. I had a coolpad catalyst phone. USB charging port went dead, couldn’t charge it. Had a cracked screen, but ran fine otherwise for what it was. The issue I am posting about I never had with this phone over about 3 years.

I bought a LG Rebel 3 LTE phone. The issue is the earphones I used on the other phone, and sometimes in my kindle fire, don’t work on this phone. I plug it in and the volume still comes through the phone as if the earphones weren’t plugged in. I tried it with 2 sets of earphones, same thing. And it’s not that any wire will work. I have an older mono earpiece that I used to use with a transistor radio. That works. The audio goes through the earpiece. Problem is that’s a pretty crappy wire where you lose volume listening that way. That problem is the wire, not the phone, because it does the same thing through the kindle fire.

I have checked the specs on my old phone, this phone and the fire. They all say the headphone jack is 3.5 mm, whatever that means. I did notice one thing on the new phone. When I plug the wires that didn’t work in, they seemed pretty secure, but a little of the silver is exposed. On the old phone and the fire, this is not the kiss. When they are plugged in there is no silver exposed. I am the metal part that actually enters the jack. Again, with the new phone, there is not much exposed, but you can see some.

What do I do? If I bought different earphones, how do I do the same thing won’t happen. One of the pair I have specifically say they are compatible with any 3.5 mm device.

One other question while I am here. Volume boosting apps. I do a lot of walking outside listening to podcasts. I have yet to have a phone that has sufficent volume when you are walking on a road with cars and trucks passing by. Again, speakerboost, the app I used, worked phone with the catalyst and fire.

The Rebel 3, I can install it fine, but it doesn’t really work. I’m not sure of this, but I don’t think it will let the app increase the phone’s volume more than the max volume the phone itself provides. I’ve played around with it. If I have the phone volume set at mayne 50% then I can use the app to increase volume. But if I have the phone volume at max seems to me it gets no louder no matter what I set the app at. I’ve tried about 3 other apps in addition to spearker boost and same thing.

Definitely not what happens with the other devices. I do it every morning with my kindle fire to lisen to podcasts while I’m in the shower. The fire volume is already set at max and when I go ino speaker boost and can make it louder, much louder.

Same thing. Any solutions to this? Thanks.


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