Ethernet connection with tablet AND microphone doesn’t work

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Hello… I have a Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50F manufactured in February 2016. The specs say NO WWAN.

3 questions please:

1) With regard to using an adapter to access the Ethernet…

Under Settings, Wireless and Networks, is an Ethernet Configuration tab. When I click on this tab their are 2 options, both in light grey (vs black) letters, as follows:

Turn on Ethernet

Ethernet configuration
Configure Ethernet devices

Does this mean that if I purchase an Ethernet adapter, and plug it in, the grey letters will turn black and I’ll have an Ethernet connection?

2) I have seen “WiFi only” Lenovo tablets for sale. I assume this mean there is no possiblity for Ethernet access, true?

3) I banged the tablet and the microphone stopped working. Could the solution simply be having a loose wire welded… or do I need a new microphone… and is the microphone replaceable, or is it fixed permanently to the board?

Thank you!!


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