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I have a samsung galaxy A8 A530W this morning i was using it perfectly fine and after i went back to it after 10 min it had some weird thing saying 100% with a blue screen then when ever i try to turn it on it says kernel rev check fail device 8 binary 7 at the top left and the samsung galxy a8 logo i the middle it stays like this for a couple seconds then turns off i can boot into download mode it says in the top left

odin mode
download speed fast
productname sm-a530w
current binary samsung official
frp lock on
oem lock on
secure download enabled
carrier id xac
warranty void 0
Ap swrev b:9 k:8 s:8
DID 0475f

i had stock everything i had encrypted storage and sd card i really need to recover the data on it what do i do?

Here is a video of what happens


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