How do I get new Samsung A10e to display friend’s tweet automatically?

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Several friends of mine and I have a little network set up where we follow each other on Twitter. I had this set up for several years on an iPhone, all went well. When one of them tweeted, my iPhone would DING and display part of their tweet on the screen, which I could open, expand etc.

But now I have a new Samsung A10e. I set up Twitter and signed up to follow them. Every now and then I get a DING, but the screen remains black. If I press the Power button and swipe to unlock, I see the usual opening screen, but no sign that one of them has tweeted. But I’m certain they have tweeted.

What can I do to make sure Twitter automatically wakes up my A10e phone and displays something that says “Bob Smit tweeted you” or something along those lines?

Sorry for the n00b questions, the Android phone is more different from the iPhone than I expected. I downloaded the manual for it (200+ pages?), and riffle through it when I have these questions. On this one I’m stumped.

Thanx all!


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