I got a bargain tonight….

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

Hi guys. So I have been desiring an S10 or 10+ since last year, but I wanted the Pixel 4XL more. So I got that phone in October.

But tonight I was perusing my Very catalogue and to my surprise the S10 128GB was reduced to £699. I thought that was ok, but not tempting enough. Then next to it was a ceramic white S10+ 512GB. It was also £699 brand new. Well, I bought it. I have 12 months interest free to pay it off and a friend is buying my Panda 2XL from me for £200. So really I will have to find £499 for it.

I know the S20 is coming out next week or so, but I still don’t think the top tier S10+ will get any lower in price.

What do you think?I got a bargain tonight....-screenshot_20200208-200135.jpeg


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