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I am completely new to this, so please bare with me. Way back when, I played a series of CSI games made by UBI Soft on my old PC. They were awesome! Small back story. You are a rookie Investigator on your first homicide. There’s Witnesses you have to question, you have all the tools needed to collect evidence but you have no idea what evidence is there until you use the correct tool and correct way to collect the evidence. Once everything is done you present your evidence.
If you found everything and talked to everyone important you solved the case.
Anyhow, I have not found a game anywhere near that. Most I come across you have to find a million things, which would be great, it they weren’t pineapple, toy boat, just random things. NOTHING that pertains to the “case” at all. Can anyone Please give me some suggestions on games that are more like the CSI style of games. Thank you for your time and I’m sorry for sure a long post. Thank you

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