LGG7 Poor battery life and charging problems

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I just got my New LG G7, as my old one died out on me by refusing to charge. I now got a new one, and I’m noticing the same exact problems early on. It is starting to drain faster than it did originally, and it charges slowly, which were the first things I noticed with my first phone before it finally wouldn’t turn on unless it was plugged in and until it finally just stopped charging more than 4% just to be turned on and died.

For some context, I am a very busy student and use my phone for everything. I have an active calendar widget, I have the fitness app running in the background to track my steps and water intake, I leave my phone on at night (plugged in) as an alarm, and I also use it for other tasks such as homework, taking notes, communicating with the esports team I manage on discord (which also runs in the background) and so on.

I am wondering if my lifestyle just isn’t suited for the G7, and if it just can’t keep up, considering my old G7 died before 1 year of full use. Those are all the things I can think of that I do that can damage and drain the battery, and if I cant use my phone to the fullest potential without risking battery damage, I don’t think its the phone for me. This is my second lgg7, as my old one was replaced when it died out, which I will always thank customer support for, but until my contract is up I cant change this phone.

Is there anything I can do to help extend my battery life without having to carry around a battery pack anywhere? Is this normal? And is there another phone I can get in the future that would be able to handle such high demanding tasks? I can’t always afford to turn my phone off for a few hours because I need to be in contact with my teammates near constantly during the day, and I manage multiple clubs on my college campus.


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