Missing LG

LG V30

So for the past year and a half almost, I’ve had the LG V30. It was getting a little long in the tooth.. Slow and cracked screen. I switched to the Note 9 thinking that it would be great. It’s good, but honestly.. Is it strange that I miss my V30 and LG?

I really wish LG would release a device similar to the V30/V40 range. The V50 isn’t even available for T-Mobile, my carrier.

Ditch the in screen finger print scanner that they are talking about with the V60/G9. Put it in on the back with a separate power button. 4000maH or bigger battery. Ton of ram and memory like 6-8 of Ram and 128 onboard memory WITH expandable storage. Put LOUD dual speakers. Not that crystal OLED crap on the G8.

I would definitely buy a phone like this. Too bad it won’t happen.


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