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Hey guys, I’m really really hopeful that someone can help me with this issue I’m having with my OnePlus 6 which is roughly a year or so old. There is a major issue with my display and it’s really really bugging me. I’ve tried Reddit and the OnePlus community forums but I’ve not really gotten much help :/

So the issue I’m having is my display is completely messed up. As you can see with the attachment, my screen is divided up into segments of white. The top quarter of the screen is normal, then the bottom has a tinge to it Which is making things difficult on my eyes when it’s trying to concentrate. I have checked my display and reading mode is off, I have no apps that interfere with brightness etc and my phone provider will send it to a repair centre but won’t tell me if it will cost anything.

Has anyone had an experience like this and if so was there a solution? Thanks in advance


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