Phone crashing when I plug in the charger?

Moto G5 & G5 Plus

I have a Moto G5+ which is 3 years old in May. I have generally had no issues with it.

Within the past week, I’ve plugged in the charger when going to bed, only to notice during the night that my phone has frozen. A hard reset (power button down for about 5 seconds) is the only thing I can do. It froze at 11:30pm and I noticed at 4:30am. Not good when I need the alarm to ring.

Since then sometimes it’s ok when charging and sometimes it crashes. I’ve noticed it will crash almost instantly. It’s charging ok now so I suspect it will be fine this time.

Is this a sign the phone/battery might be getting old or could it be a software issue? I’ve read some people suggest clearing the Google app data. I’ve disabled this. I’ve done it in the past to kill the assistant as it annoys me.

Others have said to boot to safe mode and clear the cache of system UI. I don’t know if I should try that or not.

Any suggestions would help please. Thank you.


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