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When I was buying a new tablet, I was thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. I would have bought it, except it doesn’t have a headphone jack. Why on earth would I want a tablet without a headphone jack? And how couldn’t they find the space for one on a 10.5″ tablet? One of my main use cases for a tablet involves using the headphone jack with my computer to play videos with the sound going through my laptop’s headphones without effecting my laptop’s performance, something I just can’t do with bluetooth.

But this tirade has been said before. I can understand why the headphone jack is undesirable on smaller devices due to its functionally unnecessary bulkiness, so I am curious about how people would feel about an alternative.

What if some phones and tablets designed for power users came with multiple USB-C charging ports? It would solve the problem of charging the phone while listening to music while still removing the thickness of the headphone jack.

I feel it would increase the utility of such devices. It would be easier to have multiple things plugged in to it when needed. It would also improve the lifespan of the device, as if one USB-C port dies, you are fine because you have at least one more.

Additionally, the charging ports could be on different areas of the device, kind of like the ROG modular phone. This would allow for the device to be charged while keeping the charging cable out of the way in almost any situation. I know that when I attached my bluetooth mouse to my charging tablet, I would have liked the charging cable to have been on the other side.

If the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e had two or more USB-C ports, I would have bought it.


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