PSA: The GoodLock update for Android 10 ‘breaks’ Assistant Gesture

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ (2019)

More specifically, the TaskChanger plug in. If you choose to have full gesture navigation and have no buttons/hints showing, swiping up on the Home button no longer triggers Assistant. If you have the traditional button navigation bar showing or choosing gestures but showing hints for where the buttons should be, then it works.

Hopefully they’ll update soon to fix it, but at least there is a not-so-intrusive way to get it working in the meantime.

A little update. This is JUST when using Samsung gestures. If you use the stock launcher and choose to use Google gesture navigation, since that uses the corners to launch Assistant and not the Home button, that also works. It’s the Home button area when hidden that is ‘broken’ with Task Changer, so that’s why.

Thanks @mustang7757 for testing this!


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