Replacement tips for Galaxy Buds?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ (2019)

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I’ve had my buds now for almost 3 months. First time I have ever used ear buds, always had over the ear. They have been great until now, but now they don’rt want to stay in. I don’t know if my ears have changed or WTF is going on. I’m already using the large tips and large wings.

Are there any good aftermarket tips that help buds stay in the ears better?

Even though I’m a total Samsung Phone Fan Girl I also live in the Apple world. I haven’t been able to wear any in-ear headphones. I’ve tried so many but they just don’t stay in my ears. Must be odd ear canals. I did try the Comply eartips for other brands & they helped a bit (its me, Comply has great products).
After researching for a couple of weeks then seeing that Costco & Amazon had the Airpods Pro on sale I ordered them from Costco. They work (stay in & sound) great! They don’t have that “stem” that the eartip pushes on to like every other in-ear headphone. No falling out & come with 3 different size eartips. Airpods Pro are expensive but I really like them. I bought the Assistant Trigger android app which brings most of the Apple features to your Android phone.
The only thing I miss with the Airpods is that there is no volume control. You have to use your phone or any other BT device you pair them to & change the volume there.
I’ve worn them for 3-4 hours straight & no pain, no falling out.
There are quite a few other Airpods apps in the Play store too.
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