Samsung A20e Galaxy Wont Open ?

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This may be an issue but it may not… Way back, I did say way right? Way back when users would get locked out of their devices after so many attempts you would get prompted to enter your email and password to get back in, ahh the simple days. Anyway, when this would happen you would have to have an internet connection for this to work. It didn’t go by the email and password that was stored in the device, this I never understood, it had to verify the account online. I think the message was similar to this…

Try to connect the device to the internet, which may be difficult if it’s been reset. That would mean that none of the saved WiFi connections will either be there or available, so carrier data is the only way. Which means that if the SIM in this device has been deactivated, disabled or removed the carrier won’t recognize the device and will prevent you from accessing the internet. You might be able to put an active SIM from the same carrier, possibly one from a different carrier since most devices are unlocked anyway, all you need is internet access for verification, and see if that gets you online. Otherwise you may have to take it into a carrier store and see if they can help you, if that’s possible.

It would be kind of funny, but not really, if they had stolen so many devices that this wasn’t even the same one. Hahaha, just something that occurred to me.


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