Scrolling change on main page – No longer able to scroll back more than 20 hrs or so

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Currently, on the main site page ( if I scroll down from the top, it stops at posts about 20 hours old and then stops. I tested this in Firefox and MS Edge and both function the same way. Before today, I was always able to scroll back as far as I like and it would continue to add earlier posts (much older than 20 hours old, sometimes weeks) loading them a few at a time (always felt like it would load 5 or 10 posts more every refresh but not sure how many it actually was).

This change may have been intentional but I am not even sure where I should look to find update notes on your website design if any are available publicly. Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it was not intentional.

Thanks for all you guys do every day. Love AC!



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