SM-T530NU Tab 4 10.1 any updates?

Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1

So I found my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ in a drawer where I left it YEARS ago after Samsung decided to stop offering updates… I reset everything and lordy lordy it still works great… but… last update from MFGR was Android 5.0.2 (3/2017).

It’s the 16GB version. I have a 32GB SD Card in it I had forgotten about as well.

I read several people tried updating to LineageOS but with mixed results as no rom was dedicated for this device specifically – or none that I saw.

Q: Has anyone had success updating to more recent Android base OS? If so, how?
Q: Is there any 3rd party custom roms out there – like LineageOS – that is made with this device in mind? If so, which and where can I get it?

Where can I read more on creating a custom rom for this device and then offering it back to the group?

Ideas welcomed. It still sounds good, screen works well and batter life is great even after years sitting dead in my bottom drawer… its alive again and if I can play with it more I might find a use for it on my counter in the kitchen or something… I recall I had a keyboard case for it once – thats long gone I think… did some programming on it a while back…

It is not unlocked as far as I can tell – not sure how to do it on this device.
I managed to open developer mode but that’s about it so far…


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