So… what color are you getting?

Samsung Galaxy S20

I know many people put cases on their phones, including non-clear ones, and aren’t so bothered by the color of their phone. For others, color and design in general are a pretty big deal, myself included.

Several on this forum, including myself, are pretty unimpressed with the S20’s color options. It generally seems like design and color choices weren’t given as much attention as in the past. Perhaps Samsung is devoting most of its resources toward the Z Flip and the Fold 2.

There isn’t even a black or white option for the regular S10, let alone a premium-looking color like red or gold.

Anyway, here are the color options for each S20 according to reliable leakers:

Regular S20: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink

So... what color are you getting?-samsung-galaxy-s20.jpg

S20 Plus: Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black, Cloud Blue

So... what color are you getting?-samsung-galaxy-s20-plus.jpg

S20 Ultra: Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black
So... what color are you getting?-samsung-galaxy-s20-ultra.jpg

I plan to go with the regular S20 if I make the jump, though I’m still undecided between the grey and the blue. One looks like a regular, uniform grey, and the other like a powder blue. However, the official renders seem to suggest there might be a slight color-shift effect to the “Cloud” colors (blue and pink), whereas the “Cosmic” options (black and grey) are solid colors.

Which one of Samsung’s less-than-inspiring 2020 flagship color options are you going with?


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