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I purchased a Galaxy note 8 from Verizon years ago. After being with Verizon for a year I switched to TMobile to save some money and I brought my Verizon note 8 with me. I used the note 8 on TMobile for another year then I switched back to Verizon and got the pixel 4xl. I sold my old note 8 to a friend who was using straight talk as his carrier. The TMobile boot screen still pops up and he still get messages from T-Mobile and he doesn’t have data when he is talking on the phone. Is there a way to fix this? The phone is unlocked and paid off. TMobile says they don’t know how to get their stuff off the phone. Also I feel like they are messing with my data. I can’t receive pictures unless connected to WiFi Any help is much appreciated.

Today 09:44 PM


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