Strange behavior after connect USBC cable or car charger on A50

Samsung Galaxy A50

Hello everyone,

I just discovered that my wife’s Samsung Galaxy A50 with brand from Orange Poland is very strange phone and probably have something wrong.

Found two issues with him:

  • After connect to car charger [key car is disconnected] it’s power on radio and other devices in car,
  • Direct connect by good quality USB-C <–> USB-C don’t work

I also have a second A50, but without brand from mobile operator, and old A8-2018 and both those phones don’t do this – don’t power car electricity and are visible by PC on USB-C <–> USB-C connection.

What I did so far – was:

  • factory reset
  • download last firmware from SamMobile for Orange and apply it
  • clean up USB-C port in device

Unfortunately non of above don’t fix issues.

What is working on her phone:

  • Device is loading by ac adapter
  • Device is also discovered by PC when connect by USB –> USB-C cable

I’m downloading from SamMobile image without brand – and will check it tommorow, but maybe someone from you was have those issues like this?

I’m attaching picture with cleaned USB-C ports on both devices and videos what this behavior look like.

Strange behavior after connect USBC cable or car charger on A50-20200213_185945_resize.jpg
Cleaned USB-C ports

In Car

In home – connecting to PC


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