The device or the app, this is a debate, sort of…

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

I was recently caught up in a debate over why someone’s Twitter was only showing 24 notifications on an S10+. It’s been forever since I’ve allowed notifications to just stack up but I’ve seen notification badges up to 99. I said, if this only seems to happen on Twitter it’s the app. Someone else chimed in that it’s a Samsung thing. I can’t find anything to support either.

So your mission should you choose to accept it is to comment in this thread, or quote anything in this thread, so that AC will send me an email and I can get my email app badge to either stop at 24 or go beyond that, to end the debate once and for all. Unless you can point to a reliable source for the published answer. That would work too.

I tried quoting myself but AC sees that the same as commenting in your own thread and it doesn’t count. I tried sending myself emails from different accounts but it is adding them to each other as conversations which only get counted once.

Can you help me?


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