The n00biest of the n00b questions: How do I answer a call on my new Samsung A10e?

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On my old iPhone, when somebody called I’d hear my ringtone, look at the phone, and press the little icon of a phone handset. Couldn’t be easier.

But on this new Samsung, when someone calls, I hear my ringtone, and see the phone number that’s calling. Below it are a little green phone-handset icon, and also a red one. I figured I’d press the green one, but the phone just keeps ringing, press the red one, same result, Press every thing I can find on the screen, my phone keeps ignoring me and playing the ringtone, until finally it goes to voicemail.

How do I answer a call? >:-O

Can’t believe I’m asking such a dumb question. But the Samsung A10e has got me beat on this one.


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