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Hi, I have an S9+, I like One UI but got tires of the curved screen so I am trying out an LG G8 which I got for cheap.

A10 already pushed out. I am trying Lawn chair V2 as the icon selection and customization on LG falls short is Samsung.

With Samsung there are multiple animation options when I go to recent apps (and Samsung’s own gestures are great). With LG I cannot see any option to change recent app animations. I don’t see anything in Lawnchair either.

Is there another third party launcher that has this option? Not only is the LG setup a pain when scrolling through recent apps, it also makes the animation when using gestures on the LG skin slightly jerky and unpolished.

I am not realizing that One UI is pretty good, and I don’t want to wait around for LG to catch up.



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