Transferring iPhone Data to Pixel 4 – AFTER Pixel has been set up.

Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL

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You could probably transfer everything over but be careful with text because iPhone to a droid you need to turn off imessages or wont work with some people text messages but the rest should be able get on the phone

Yea, I already turned off iMessage and Facetime on my iphone over the cellular network(I disconnected from my home WiFi) because I remember reading somewhere that it’s better to deactivate iMessage over the cellular network rather than a WiFi network…something about it syncing with the cellular provider, in my case Verizon.

Sorry if I’m being redundant or wording my question in a confusing manner…it’s hard to explain. But I have had my Pixel set up and have a great set up on it with Nova Launcher. So my Pixel has been up and running(however not been being used) for about a month. Now I want to transfer my iOS stuff to the Pixel with texts being the priority. From what I can gather this is not possible unless I do a factory restore of the Pixel and re-set up the Pixel as new, therefore getting to the step to transfer my iOS data to the Pixel during the setup process. So again, I’m NOT wanting to do a factory restore of the Pixel just so that I can transfer my iOS texts over because I already have the Pixel set up the way I want it. I just need my most current text messages to be transfered from my iPhone to the my Pixel. That is why I am wondering if there is a app or something where I can connect the two phones and just transfer my texts from my iPhone to the Pixel…I am currently looking on Google and finding a couple programs that will do that be most cost money, which isn’t the end of the world…but some look rather sketchy.haha


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