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Hey, I’ve looked all over the place to find a solution to my problem, hope someone knows what to do.

I noticed that the buttons ln my phone stopped working a few weeks ago. I was going to get a new phone anyway, so I just made sure it doesn’t turn off completely until then. That worked well until today, when my phone – dor whatever reason – went from 15% battery to 0% within three minutes on my way home. I need it to turn on again to transfer my data to my new phone (I know I could do it via PC, but Smart Switch is far easier and better), but I can’t do that without any buttons working.

Things I’ve already tried:
– connect phone to PC
– put in charger and pull it out as soon as the charging symbol pops up
– Android studio

None of these worked. I have a Samsung Galaxy A40, so I can’t take out the battery. Any ideas?


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