Where can I find videos on how to utilize my phone to the fullest?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ (2019)

Hi guys..i was trying to see if there was possibly a youtuber or some website that I might have missed that might show me how to use my phone to the best of its ability. A lot of times, I run into reviews which are no help, or people that say “Tips and Tricks” and its really nothing that I don’t already know.

I tried reading the manual, and while it explained what everything was, it didn’t really say how to best use each feature. The camera is a good example of this. There are loads of features in there, but honestly, I don’t know why I should use one of the modes like food for example, over just the auto mode. Why should I use PRO mode? What does the things in pro mode do and how should I use them?

Besides the camera, I am pretty sure that there are other features that I am not using that I would like to learn how to use or do not know what they are. Link to Windows is another example of this. I just plug my phone into my computer, why do I have to use Link to Windows?

Anyways, my question is, are there any websites or youtubers out there that go into depth with the Note 10 plus or any Samsung phones?


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