which LG phone?

LG G8 ThinQ

I’m starting to get ready to get a new phone – I’ve paid enough to AT&T that I can trade in and upgrade – and I’m not sure what to get. I’ve used LGs for a few years and always like them (the fingerprint sensor on the back is so convenient and reliable, the screen is good, the battery life is great), but I’m not sure now which model I ought to focus on. The dual screen thing seems kind of like a gimmick; the G8 is a year old and has goofy hand gestures; the G9 isn’t out yet but will be expensive, although I’m waiting to see what it’s like as I’m not in a big rush.

If you were an LG fan and were ready for a new phone, what would you get?

I should add that I’m currently on AT&T so it’s not 100% clear they’ll get the G9. I have a V35 which I’ve been ok with, but I liked the G6 much better.


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