Why did my SD card and main storage disappeared ?

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Tab 4 8 running Android 8.1. Tablet has worked very well for two years.
Problems started yesterday with message from Dropbox: app has stopped, again and again and gmail checking for new mails at the same time again and again… aaaand SD card just disappeared ( I have it for internal storage use)
Looking at file manager where it shows Personal space, it shows O available out of 0. When trying to view documents, photo album and downloads in File manager. The error message “failed to enter directory” appears.

The majority of the apps continue to work. I I’ve tried clearing the cache with no change. I suppose the next step would be to do a total reset.?

In Google photos, I can see part of my photos but not all of them. I can’t download anything, all my files are gone…can’t save a screen shot. I un installed Dropbox and reinstalled but can’t open it…
My main storage is 13.28Gb out of 16gb…so still some space…
I think I would do with some help… thanks


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