why do I have to cycle WIFI everytime I try to load a webpage?

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I just got a new Samsung Tab E and the WIFI is absolutely horrible. Most times I go to a web page, it just hangs and doesn’t load anything. The little blue progress bar never moves. Sometimes it will start to load a page and then just hang and display nothing. This is with me sitting right next to the router. I’m using Chrome, but also tried the Kiwi browser.

The only thing that fixes it is if I cycle the WIFI enabled status. Turn it off and then back on right away, and the page will begin to load. I have to do this for almost every page I go to, or any link I click, I have to cycle WIFI first to get it to do anything. Sometimes I have to cycle WIFI several times to get pages to load. I also tried cycling airplane mode per a suggestion and it’s the same thing as cycling WIFI.

I am absolutely frustrated and disappointed with this device. Other devices I have work normally. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this?


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