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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ (2019)

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Currently have optimum with their internet 400 plan. Current modem and router support 1 gig speeds. Will be getting a new router that supports wifi 6 and I know the Note 10 has this as well. Right now when doing a speed test I’m getting close to 400 mbps. Realistically, will I even notice any difference? What can I expect?

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Depends on what speed demands your Note is putting on your local WiFi network. I would think it would be pretty hard with a phone to push your network to it’s limits the way it stands now. I am using Optimum as well with only 200 but no issues. Was thinking of also getting my own router since they lock you out of bring able to properly wake up a PC remotely using Wake-on-Lan “Magic” message. They really dumb down the router interface. Also thinking of doing that to implement a VPN connection from the router at home for all my devices to use. What model router are you thinking of getting? if you want something good that supports WiFi 6 it gets expensive fast. Since I don’t have any issues with my current speed however, I am have trouble justifying the purchase to myself. Thought? So, like Stephen says, anyone else have experience with WiFi 6 on a Note 10+ at home and comments on speed differences?Source

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