Your Phone Companion sync problems

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

From personal experience, I know this is a very temperamental app. I just did a Macrium restore on my desktop, and I always have problems getting the app to sync afterwards.

I signed into my microsoft account. I get to the point when the desktop app asks me to scan the qr code by opening installing the Your Phones Companion app, then opening it, which is impossible because the interface is inaccesssible for this Your Phones Companion app.

I saw a Youtube video about it, showing how after the app is installed, you open it up and begin the sequence to connect, but as soon as it installs, the “open” button disappears. It app does not appear in the apps folder. The only place to find it is in android settings.

To make it worse, I thought maybe if I remove my phone from the devices on the microsoft webste, and then re-add it, maybe that would jump start the process, but now the microsoft site won’t even let me add my phone. I wants me to install the Your Phones Companion app and/or Edge, and sign in, which I did, but neither does any good.

How can I scan a qr code without an app? Any clues on how to get my phone added back to devices.



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