yt music-song unavailable, playlists empty, verified songs present

Android Pie

since the last few weeks have seen indications that google plans to sunset play music soon this year, I figured it was high time I played with yt music, learned how to use it, so I could help any friends and family that have problems with it. this has led to a bit of a pickle.

its also not my first foray with this program.
ok..I’m doing all of this in device files mode, NOT yt music mode.

youtube music is telling me my song is unavailable, and several playlists have spontaneously emptied themselves.

I’ve run the usual steps, verified file presence, cleared cache, cycled the device, GLARED at the app…cursed it out(this is the 7th time this has happened..I’ve earned it).

i’ve verified the files are present, and rebuilt the playlists when this has happened before, but this isnt the first time its happened, and taking two hours to rebuild close to 80 playlists every time is realistically not feasible.

is there SOMETHING I’m either doing wrong or not doing at all that can be the cause of this…OTHER than having a paid membership?(its ten kinds of stupid to be required to pay just to have the app remember yes, I do have files in a playlist in device mode)

once I can attribute to random glitches, twice..ok, app updated and they probably changed something…but every time after that smacks of a deliberately engineered action.


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